> What is HeroCreche?
HeroCreche is a service for the game DeFi Kingdoms. In this game, players send their heroes on quests to earn rewards. This can be very time consuming, so we built something to automate the process. By staking your heroes, we'll automatically run quests for you. All day and all night. You can claim your rewards at any time.
> Is it free?
It's totally free for the beta period. However, we expect to introduce a profit share mechanism in the future to cover our infrastructure and gas costs.
> How does it work?
To get started, you create a Creche, which is your very own smart contract to manage your heroes. When you stake heroes, they're transfered to your contract. The contract allows us to run quests automatically for you. When you un-stake, we transfer the hero back to your wallet.
> Is it safe? Are the contracts audited?
The contracts are not audited, so please use caution. We have tried our best to ensure that your heroes are secure, but it is possible that there are bugs which could cause a loss of your heroes. We encourage you to read the code before interacting with the contracts.
> Where can we contact you?
Please join our Discord or Tweet us.